Finovate Europe: Fintech’s 'Give-and-Take' With Institutions Shifting

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Finovate Europe: Fintech’s 'Give-and-Take' With Institutions Shifting

Postby » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:11 pm

When Scalable Capital started its presentation at Finovate this week in London, Founder and Co-CEO Erik Podzuweit asked a question on many people’s minds: “Does the world need another robo?”

The newly minted investment firm obviously thinks so.

Scalable’s angle is that institutional risk management technology is ready to be put in the hands of retail investors. With an investment universe purely in the ETF space, trading is rule-based quantitative, the team is formed of primarily engineers, and the system has been live in Germany for two months while the UK’s FCA approval came through this week.
A lot of large ... (read more)

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