Ethereum Price Skyrockets on Massive Trading Volume

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Ethereum Price Skyrockets on Massive Trading Volume

Postby » Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:34 am

It seems now like every day Ethereum sets another record, leaving most other cryptocurrencies in its dust. Yesterday we reported that Ether’s market capitalization reached $283 million, overtaking Ripple as the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap and now it is already at $367 million – 37% bigger than Ripple.

The price of Ether completed an astonishing 100% rise in the past week, jumping about 40% in the last twenty-four hours alone to above 0.0126 BTC ($4.78). Putting this into perspective, the price of bitcoin remained stuck at around $375 for the past two weeks after falling from as high ... (read more)

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