Dubai Selects Blockchain Tech for Tourism Loyalty Points

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Dubai Selects Blockchain Tech for Tourism Loyalty Points

Postby » Sun May 29, 2016 10:06 am

The Dubai Future Foundation has turned to a blockchain startup to develop a new repeated tourism incentivization program called Dubai Points. The system is developed by Loyyal, the blockchain and smart contracts platform for loyalty and rewards (formally known as

Dubai Points will be earned and redeemed at participating locations based on the tourist’s lifestyle as well as time of day, past behavior, location, age and more. Confirmed participants in the program already include a local airline, Jumeirah, du, Flyin, Privity, Digitus, the International Culinary Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai, SquareCircle Tech, Dubai Future Foundation and others.

“This will be both the world’s first tourism incentification program and the ... (read more)

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