Digital Currency Group Joins $9.6m Investment Round in Colu

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Digital Currency Group Joins $9.6m Investment Round in Colu

Postby » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:21 am

Israel-based blockchain startup Colu has raised another $9.6 million in capital for its latest investment round. The funding was led by venture funds Aleph and Spark Capital as well as the former CEO of Thomson Reuters Tom Glocer and Digital Currency Group, the Bitcoin investment firm of SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert (and the owner of CoinDesk since January).

Previously exploring applications of blockchain technology in diverse fields, such as intellectual property rights management for music creators, Colu is refocusing its efforts on local cryptocurrencies. It has developed a set of tools for creating, monitoring and maintaining a blockchain-based coin for communities to promote their ... (read more)

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