Cryptsy’s Stolen $6m of Cryptocurrencies to Be Recovered?

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Cryptsy’s Stolen $6m of Cryptocurrencies to Be Recovered?

Postby » Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:12 am

Are we about to witness a breakthrough in the case of the missing $6 million in cryptocurrencies that Cryptsy claims were stolen by a hacker? could be. The bitcoin exchange has just publicly released a “Reward Contract”  signed with an anonymous hacker that goes by the alias Cryptcracker​.

According to the agreement Cryptcracker will recover for reward the stolen 13,000 Bitcoin from the Cryptsy exchange for a base reward of 1750 BTC or about 13.5% of the recovered amount. Cryptcracker may also recover stolen 247,000 Litecoin for an additional award of 250 Bitcoin. This recovery is listed as secondary to the recovery of the Bitcoin and is to ... (read more)

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