BSO Enhances Low Latency Solutions With “BSO-FX Ultra Low”‎

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BSO Enhances Low Latency Solutions With “BSO-FX Ultra Low”‎

Postby » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:42 am

BSO Network Solutions (BSO), the global Ethernet network, cloud and hosting ‎provider, launched its ‎new “BSO-FX Ultra Low” product which upgrades the existing ‎London – Tokyo – New York FX circuit to ‎provide new, ultra low latency speeds to ‎the FX community, according to a company statement.‎

The new offering further validates BSO’s knowledge of delivering specialist intra-‎region connectivity to ‎the international financial community.‎ The company boasts ‎outstanding network latency rates to/from North ‎American and European markets as well as an ‎extensive knowledge of connectivity ‎in Asia and the Middle East.

The new product has lowered the latency from TY3 (Tokyo) to ... (read more)

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