BitSupra to Use Blockchain to Reclaim MLM from Scammers

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BitSupra to Use Blockchain to Reclaim MLM from Scammers

Postby » Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:17 am

This article was written by Robert Tiger. Robert founded BitRebel Media Services which provides services to individuals, groups, developers and small business. Holding the original open-source concepts and ideals of Satoshi Nakamoto in high regard, Robert believes that consensus is and should be the driving force behind any application applied to the blockchain.

BitSupra is to launch the world’s first decentralized multi-level marketing (MLM) hosting platform issuing a digital asset called BitSupra [SPA] that will serve as fuel for the network, built using the Counterparty protocol and the Bitcoin blockchain.

Most people have all known someone or have been part of a ... (read more)

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