ASIC Jumps Into Action with Fintech Regulation

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ASIC Jumps Into Action with Fintech Regulation

Postby » Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:13 pm

Starting last week and continuing this week, Australia is seeing a light into the new economy, now that the “resources boom is over” (have we heard this enough already?).

The Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has announced a new “regulatory sandpit” for fintech startups to play in.

On Monday, ASIC bounced back to life, issuing in quick succession long overdue guidance on the hot topics of robo-advice and peer-to-peer lending. ASIC’s long overdue guidance paralleled the government’s release of a 35-page report titled ‘Backing Australian FinTech’ that accompanied a statement from Treasurer, Scott Morrison.

For those of us working as advisors to get ... (read more)

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