So the moral of the story of NLA is?

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So the moral of the story of NLA is?

Postby LegendofZline » Sat May 18, 2013 5:01 pm

So what did you get out of never lose again thread?

I got ....

traders are always getting zeroed out especially breakout traders

Buzzard stats

Be discretionary

All in all I feel im close to the end of my journey with forex...

Hopefully with a happy ending

Thanks for any participation....

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Postby Karma » Sat May 18, 2013 5:36 pm

Pretty much, I believe in that thread I saw some of my most influential charts from Es/Pip and dragon33 that are the reason I'm still trading and have any understanding what so ever

As far as the buzzard trade I think its very similar to a Sequential, candle color counter that TRO made a long time ago (I have no idea what it was called. It was donational, I've never used it) But I thought it was ground breaking given the useless Moving Average bs I had been previously reading about. Seeing that brought me from some other forum to here

Not to give short credit though, if you haven't read it yet. The thread that solidified much of these ideas for me was from:
The ideas that I trade by, from MightyOne

As far as my trading journey is concerned, I don't see how I can walk away from this quickly. I hope to be continued to avidly be perplexed for many more years to come.

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